Managing Students with Seizures

School Nurses As a school nurse, you’re often a first responder when it comes to managing a seizure in school.  More than 315,000 American students have epilepsy, and another 45,000 are diagnosed each year.  It’s almost certain at leave one student in your school has epilepsy.  Are you ready to manage that student’s in-school care….and react when he or she has a seizure?

To help you prepare, the Epilepsy Foundation of America along with the CDC has created Managing Students with Seizures:  A Training for School Nurses.  This training for school nurses is available for FREE, either online or in a classroom setting through the Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi.  When you complete the 3-hour course, you’ll earn 3.2 continuing education units.  You’ll also receive a Quick Reference Guide and a Seizure Training for School Personnel toolkit. 

The Managing Students with Seizures course is designed to give you information, strategies and resources to better manage students with seizures.  Divided into three 1-hour sections, the program will train you to:

  • Recognize seizure activity and it’s impact on students
  • Ensure appropriate seizure first aid is given while minimizing stigma
  • Understand current treatment options and their side effects
  • Coordinate ongoing treatment with the student, parents, school and health care team
  • Train teachers and other personnel to recognize and manage seizures
  • Create and environment in which the student continues to achieve educational goals.

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Helpful Forms for School Nurses, Parents and Teachers!

Seizure Action Plan-English

Seizure Action Planning Form Description

Questionnaire for Parents-English-blank

Questionnaire for Parents-English-completed sample

Seizure Observation Record-English

What Teachers Need to Know

Spanish Materials

Questionnaire for Parents-Spanish-blank

Seizure Action Plan-Spanish

Seizure Action Plan-Spanish

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