Teens with Epilepsy

Being a teenager is an adventure. From driving to dating, sports to activities, homework to your first job, teenagers face big challenges. Teens who have epilepsy (also known as seizure disorders) face other big challenges too–such as explaining seizures to other people; wondering how their friends are going to react; and never knowing when the next seizure’s going to happen.

A big challenge is the fact that other teens may not know much about epilepsy. Nobody wants to be different, but sometimes there are differences that affect people’s lives — and people just have to deal with it.

Answering some of the questions that teens have is what this section of our website is all about. We hope it helps.

» What Is Epilepsy?

» Q&A: Day-to-Day Issues

» Special Concerns for Teenage Girls

» Special Concerns for Teenage Boys

» Driving & Epilepsy