First Responders

The Epilepsy Foundation recognizes the growing need to arm First Responders with the information they need to recognize and respond appropriately to calls related to epileptic seizures.

The *First Responders Program focuses primarily on Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. The key objectives of the Law Enforcement Training curriculum are to:

increase officer’s awareness and understanding of the nature, causes and effects of seizure disorders;

improve the officer’s decision-making response to seizures and people with epilepsy;

delineate and clarify the officer’s role when handling calls concerning seizures;

provide the officer easy-reference information and tools necessary to react.

The Foundation has recently launched a second component of the First Responders Program that targets Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. The goal of this pilot program is to provide emergency response personnel with the information and training crucial to an effective medical response to seizures. This pilot program tests a curriculum that consists of a Trainer’s Guide with DVD and a Participant’s Guide.

 The EMS classroom training is now accredited. Participants who complete the live, classroom-based EMS training can receive 1.5 continuing education hours.
 This classroom course is approved by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS) under course number 11- CECB-F2-2126.

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