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WebEase stands for Epilepsy, Awareness, Support, and Education. It is a free, web-based self-management program

for adults with epilepsy. With WebEase, adults with epilepsy set goals and create a personal plan to improve or maintain skills.

Create An Epilepsy Care Notebook:

  • Care Plan & Seizure Action Plan 

A patient’s basic personal and medical information, including a Seizure Action Plan, which shows how to deal with a seizure in emergency situations.
[Care Plan & Seizure Action Plan PDF]
[Seizure Observation Record_PDF]

  • Medical ID Bracelet or Card

A medical ID bracelet or wallet-sized card is available to show a reliable medical summary for emergency situations. The Medical ID card is a safe and reliable back up for reducing potential allergic reactions/interactions, intolerances or side effect profiles.

  • Seizure Log

A seizure tracking record.

  • Medication List

A list of current and former medications and side effects

  • Medical History

An organizational section where you should keep your important, most recent medical records.


Helpful Resources:

Mississippi Neurologist Directory

A physician and patient relationship is a personal relationship that is best determined by each individual.  This directory will be used as a resource to make sure you get the quickest treatment possible.
[MS Directory]


Smart Monitor provides monitoring and tracking solutions for people with chronic health conditions. SmartWatch is an easy-to-use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts connected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion.

Seizure Alert Dogs

For many living with certain types of seizures, seizure alert dogs have improved their quality of life.  A seizure alert dog has the ability to warn a person of a seizure moments or sometimes hours before the person has clinical signs of a seizures. Obtaining a seizure alert dog is a very lengthy process and one that should be determined by your doctor and yourself.  These are not just regular pets they are training to work for the individual as well.
[Magnolia Paws for Compassion]
[4 Paws For Ability]
[Canine Assistants]

PCDH19 Alliance

If you have been diagnosed with PCDH19 Female Limited Epilepsy or are a female with difficult to control seizures or have a daughter with difficult to control seizures. Talk to your doctor about a PCDH19 test.
[PCDH19 Alliance]

Social Security & Disability Benefits

The federal government offers financial assistance and health insurance to people with epilepsy who qualify.

  • Social Security Administration (SSA) at 1-800-772-1213
  • National Organization of Social Security, Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) will provide a referral to a local attorney.
  • Disability Benefits Center provides a resource link on information on applying for Social Security Disability benefits with epilepsy.
  • Medicaid and Medicare

For Mississippi offices and locations of the Social Security Administration.
Mississippi Division of Medicaid
Mississippi Division of Medicare


Do you have a child with epilepsy?

Epilepsy and My Child is a website designed for parents with input from parents. This comprehensive website contains information on the following topics: About Epilepsy, Just Diagnosed, Living with Epilepsy, Treatment, Raising Awareness and Resources and Connections.

Click here for more information on Project Access, a national initiative to improve care for children with epilepsy.

Special Needs Parenting Handbook

Raising a child with special needs can be difficult, but from that difficulty is born a greater appreciation for the human spirit. This “handbook” offers resources for parents at every stage of the journey of caring for their special needs children. From learning more about special needs to picking a school, planning a financial future, and getting past the bullying and discrimination that so often plague people with special needs

A number of useful tools for families.

Medications for Epilepsy

Seizure Medication List

Medication Assistance

For short term medication assistance, the Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi offers those who have no insurance or drug coverage through Medicaid a one time a year assistance with medication through the Dr. Victor G. Dostrow Emergency Medication Fund.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi has partnered with the Discount Drug Network to help ensure you are getting your prescription’s at the lowest possible price.  click here .  For more information on how to use the card click here.

Other resources for medication assistance are:


Disability Rights of Mississippi has a searchable Community Resource Database for people with disabilities and those who serve them.  Click Here to check it out.  The Resource Database was made possible by a grant from the Council on Developmental Disabilities and designed in collaboration with the Institue for Disability Studies, University of Southern Mississippi.  

Other helpful Resources 

Mississippi Parent Training and Information 

Disability Rights Mississippi 

Mississippi Council On Development Disabilities 

Mississippi Department of Mental Health 

LIFE of Mississippi