Mississippi Gulf Coast you have access to the Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi!  Arielle Palady is the South Mississippi Programs Coordinator and she lives right there in Biloxi, MS.  Please feel free to reach out to her at or 601-672-9865.  Arielle has been busy planning great support groups and fun social events for anyone living on the coast with epilepsy or their family members.  

Upcoming Events

Come to our August social to meet others and see what EFM has in store for you and your family! Board games and snacks will be provided so come join us for a night of fun!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

John Fayard Self Storage LLC

10213 Lorraine Rd, Gulfport, Mississippi 39503
4:00 – 5:30 PM  

For any questions or concerns contact Arielle Palady:
601-672-9865 (Call or Text)

Bannister Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce their inaugural charity gala, The Ballerina Ball. The Ballerina Ball is the first large event the Foundation has held since Mrs. Bannister’s passing in 2013. Bannister Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit, has decided to hold the gala for the benefit of Jenna Robinson Charities, the 2017 People’s Choice Favorite Charity. Jenna Robinson Charities, also a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is a local organization named after the late Jenna Robinson, who passed away at the age of 17 due to an Epilepsy related illness. Jenna Robinson Charities hopes to cultivate Jenna’s
love and belief that the performing arts should be available to everyone, despite their financial or medical situation; an endeavor Bannister Foundation, Inc. fully supports.
Bannister Foundation is honored to host the event to celebrate the lives of two wonderful Gulf Coast Women. Bannister Foundation, Inc. Board President, Dan Burton, said “We’ve got to let the kids of the Gulf Coast Community know there are options and that there are people who want to help. Whether it is theatre, dance, art classes, or voice lessons, we want them to know that they can achieve more.”

While live entertainment for the night will be provided by the dancers at Island School of Performing Arts and local brass band, Blackwater Brass, the real highlight of the evening will be a silent auction featuring items from Mrs. Bannister’s personal collection, including her paintbrushes, easels, and select prints. “True followers of Mrs. Bannister’s art will be astonished at the number of items we have from her private collection,” says Burton.
The event will be held on December 2nd at the Event Centre at Climb CDC in downtown Gulfport at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased online through The Bannister Foundation’s website, The Foundation is
currently accepting silent auction items and event sponsorships. If you are interested in helping with either, please reach out to Michelle at

Bannister Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was formed in 2003 and serves to support art, art education, and
other goals through various programs. The Foundation was created by the late artist, Pati Bannister, to give back to
the community and to support the needs of children. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact, or visit their Facebook Page, Bannister Foundation, Inc.
Jenna Robinson Charities, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was formed in 2016 and aims to inspire and connect children to the
spirit and culture of the performing arts while funding Epilepsy research. If you have any questions or concerns you
can reach out via their Facebook Page, Jenna Robinson Charities, or email them at