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Change our world through advocacy I remember my son attending a local mayor’s budget meeting when he was in high school, to the surprise of all the “regulars” – adults who couldn’t figure out why a teen would be there. Just watching the civic process can remind us why it’s great to be an American, […]

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Stacy Riley – “we attended another support group meeting and it was so incredible to express and see the recognition on the faces of those present.”


  There were so many questions concerning Eric and his behavior. After much discussion and prayer we decided to enroll him in a local private school (we were homeschooling). It was his teacher who asked if we had ever heard of petit mal seizures. We had but never in connection with our child. An EEG […]

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We are so thankful our wonderful support group and for the people who have made it their job to help children like Natalie.


On September 13, 2010, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Natalie into the world.  At only four months old, we began to notice a couple of things that bothered us.  One being that Natalie could not hold her head up.  Also, she was experiencing these random episodes where her eyes would begin to […]

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AnnMarie Jones – One Young Girl’s Passion


AnnMarie Jones was diagnosed with epilepsy at the young age of 6. At 8 years old AnnMarie and her grandmother, Helen Rivers, started her campaign to raise awareness about epilepsy by making purple lapel ribbons, bracelets and Christmas ponytail ribbons to sale. This year she recruited her grandmother, Aunt, and anyone she could to help her get […]

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