Celeste Smiley

Have I taken my seizure meds today?

Celeste SmileyVisiting my aunt recently, I had to laugh at bedtime and again the next morning when she would ask my uncle, “Did you take your pills?” Then a few minutes later, he would ask her, “Did you take your pills?” Somehow, there’s no perfect system for keeping a daily regime daily. Especially when it comes to taking maintenance meds, even those with the best of intentions simply can’t always remember.

If “remember to take my meds” is high on your list of things you resolve to do better, there’s a terrific tool to help – a text message service. Think of it as a gentle hint or a prescription alarm clock.

Texting 4 Control, a program of the Epilepsy Foundation, allows you to specify times each day for text reminders. Occasional messages of encouragement and an online patient diary for recording seizures are additional features of the password-protected program.

Taking your meds regularly puts you in control of managing your epilepsy, leading to fewer seizures and injury. And when you do have seizures, a record of doses and times medicines were taken can be a powerful diagnostic tool for your doctor.

What do you think? Go to the EFM Facebook page and share some of your own frustrations as a patient, a parent or a provider of medical services. What makes regular use of medicines in seizure therapy tough? And if you’ve got tips of your own for making sure your regular meds are just that – regular – let us hear that too!

How can you take action? Register for the program at Texting 4 Control. You must be at least 13 to sign up.