Brain Power Blog: Your Time is Precious

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Peace of mind begins with ideas leading to action. The Epilepsy of Mississippi’s blog offers opportunities to take charge of this disease … because knowledge is power.

Your time is precious

“Free” time is a precious commodity for most of us these days, but investing even a small bit of your time in Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi efforts pays rich dividends – for you as well as for others. I started finding ways to offer EFM help almost 20 years ago, after their volunteers providing resources at an information fair made me determined to give back. You may also want to help out to make sure funding or services remain strong for your own family or because you enjoy networking with other business and civic leaders who support non-profit activities. Encouraging your teen to volunteer is a great way to fill summer downtime doing something meaningful for others.

Whether you have only a little time to spare or more, here are ways your skills can pay off for those suffering from seizure disorders:

  • One time only, for a couple of hours – The EFM staff of two can always use office support to help with data entry, filing, making calls to update mailing lists or handling mailouts. Even people who don’t live near EFM’s Flowood office can make telephone calls, send out support group reminders or update lists of hospitals, doctors and United Way agencies across the state.
  • One month, for several hours – Fundraisers are critical to EFM’s very existence, and committee volunteers help with planning, publicity, seeking donations of goods, decorating, budgeting and much, much more. Maybe you’re a craftsperson who can donate your artwork to auction or raffle off? Not everyone is cut out to chair an event, but anyone can be part of the effort.
  • One year or more, several hours per month – Board members offer non-profits valuable expertise in everything from financial to marketing to legal perspectives. Those from the medical community are joined by directors with a variety of professional backgrounds for a monthly meeting in person or by telephone. Directors also provide skills and advice to the work of committees. Board membership is a terrific way to build your own professional skills, expand your network and enhance your resume’.
  • Ongoing, for hours so fulfilling you’ll lose track of time – H.O.P.E. mentors ensure others live fuller lives by Helping Other People with Epilepsy. After completing a standard training program, certified H.O.P.E. mentors share their personal or family experiences of living with epilepsy with groups or individuals coordinated through EFM. One-on-one mentoring relationships are especially enriching as those who have navigated the challenges of seizure disorders can pass on their insights to others who struggle.

These are just some examples of how a few hours, weeks, months or years can go toward helping others. But one thing is as certain as clockwork – whatever time you can spare will be put to good use!

What do you think? Go to our Facebook page and share thoughts about how volunteering has enriched your own life. Or share how contributions of others made dealing with epilepsy easier for you or your family.

How can you take action? Contact the EFM office at 601-936-5222 or via email to sign up as a H.O.P.E. mentor or find out other ways to match your skills to EFM’s needs. Perhaps you can schedule a day of summer volunteerism for yourself and your teen to teach them vital life lessons through your role modeling.