Brain Power Blog: Tips for traveling with seizures

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Tips for traveling with seizures

Having seizures when you’re away from home is no vacation, but you can follow a simple checklist to help minimize the chance of seizures and the impact if one occurs. These tips can ensure peace of mind before and during your travels.

  • Packing your medications is an obvious item for your checklist. Putting meds in waterproof bags will protect them from unexpected spills and wet weather.
  • Print a list of your daily medications and times, and include seizure first aid procedures such as those offered by the Epilepsy Foundation. Make several copies to tuck in your suitcase, purse or briefcase.
  • Carry an ID card with current information including your name, address and emergency contacts.
  • Pre-program your mobile telephone with emergency contact information clearly labeled so that others can easily look it up on your device.
  • Look up addresses and telephone numbers of emergency facilities where you’re going even before you get there.
  • Consider setting your alarm for medication reminders if the change in routine means you might forget a regular dose.
  • Get proper rest, especially if you are headed for an action-packed destination.
  • Maintain a regular, healthy eating schedule.

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How can you take action? Personalize these ideas into a checklist for yourself or a family member.